Chairperson Welcome Remarks

Jun 22, 2020 8:00am ‐ Jun 22, 2020 8:10am

Identification: MON01


Chairperson Welcome Remarks & Pre-Conference Workshop

Jun 22, 2020 8:00am ‐ Jun 22, 2020 9:45am

Identification: 001-MON01-MON02


Pre-Conference Workshop: Creating a Watertight Tracer

Jun 22, 2020 8:10am ‐ Jun 22, 2020 9:45am

Identification: MON02

Learning Objectives:
  • Overview of the tracer requirements to avoid missing critical components
  • Testing your tracer to locate errors and avoid costly mistakes
  • Strategies to create business owner accountability to improve efficiency


Chairperson Welcome Remarks

Jun 22, 2020 9:55am ‐ Jun 22, 2020 10:05am

Identification: MON03


Deep Dive- CMS Audit Protocols 2021 Impacting ODAG and CDAG

Jun 22, 2020 10:05am ‐ Jun 22, 2020 10:50am

Identification: MON04

Learning Objectives:
  • Interpret the changes CMS to audit protocols for 2021 and how they impact how you are currently operating
  • Examine which protocol changes will drastically impact the way that you operate and implement strategies to prepare for the 2021 audit cycle
  • Prepare and introduce training for your audit team on the new protocols and apply them in a mock audit setting


CMS Changes to Part C & D Appeals and Grievances

Jun 22, 2020 11:00am ‐ Jun 22, 2020 11:45am

Identification: MON05

Learning Objectives:
  • Explore the CY20 CMS Part C &D Enrollee Grievances, Determinations and Appeals Guidance update
  • Evaluate how changes to the guidance impact plan processes, reporting, and technology
  • Examine which important changes still need to be made and create a plan of action to implement changes to existing plan process
  • Discuss changes that plans have made to adapt to CMS changes including barriers


Know Your Risk! Review your Own Data to Identify and Mitigate Risk

Jun 22, 2020 12:00pm ‐ Jun 22, 2020 12:45pm

Identification: MON06

Learning Objectives:
  • Conduct a compliance review using the reports you create on a monthly basis to identify trends
  • Discover the root cause of the trends to distinguish its origin and educate the team members involved of recurring issue
  • Employ preventative measures to reduce trends in A & G that are commonly found in your reports to improve efficiency


The Art of Successful Interactions with External Auditors

Jun 22, 2020 1:15pm ‐ Jun 22, 2020 2:00pm

Identification: MON07

Learning Objectives:
  • Discover how to build rapport and inspire confidence with external auditors
  • Understand behaviors that can negatively affect performance and expose your organizations to risk (and how to avoid them)
  • Learn best practices and proven strategies that help ensure your organization is trained and prepared to communicate effectively with auditors


Categorize the Differences Between an Appeal and a Grievance

Jun 22, 2020 2:15pm ‐ Jun 22, 2020 3:00pm

Identification: MON08

Learning Objectives:
  • Assess the definitions of an Inquiry, Complaint, Appeal, and Grievance to provide clarity
  • Utilize tested compliance tips to improve identification
  • Implement delegation to appropriate teams when an appeal or grievance occurs


Chairperson Closing Remarks

Jun 22, 2020 3:00pm ‐ Jun 22, 2020 3:20pm

Identification: MON09