Population Health Summit

Nov 17, 2020 ‐ Nov 18, 2020

Standard: $500.00


Chairperson Welcome & Opening Remarks & Keynote Panel: Population Health in a Post Pandemic World

Nov 17, 2020 9:00am ‐ Nov 17, 2020 9:10am

Identification: TUES01

Chairperson Welcome & Opening Remarks

  • Ellen Fink-Samnick, MSW, ACSW, LCSW, CCM, CRP, DBH(s), Non-Executive Director, RISE SDoH Community

Keynote Panel: Population Health in a Post Pandemic World

Nov 17, 2020 9:10am ‐ Nov 17, 2020 10:00am

Identification: TUES02

• Discuss the impact of COVID-19 on population health and identify success strategies to support the new population of uninsured members affected by the pandemic
•    Evaluate best practices and lessons learned as health care plans and providers shift and pivot during COVID to address members in crisis
•    Explore how the pandemic has highlighted health care disparities and discuss the impact on quality and population health

  • Dr. Shannon Decker, M.Ed., MBA, PhD., Vice President, Clinical Performance, Brown & Toland Physicians
  • Arshad K. Rahim, MD, MBA, FACP, Vice President & Senior Medical Director, Population Health, Assistant Professor, Hospital Medicine, Mount Sinai Health System
  • Jim Milanowski, President & CEO, Genesee Health Plan
  • Stacy Garrett-Ray, MD, MPH, MBA, Vice President, UMMS, Medical Director, Population Health Services Organization, President, Quality Care Network, President, Transform Health MD, University of Maryland Medical System

Panel Discussion: Improve Behavioral Health Access by Identifying Support Options to Advance Healthcare Outcomes

Nov 17, 2020 10:15am ‐ Nov 17, 2020 11:00am

Identification: TUES03

• Examine crisis support for behavioral and mental health emergencies and which support systems are available to members
•    Discuss the dilemma surrounding commercial insurance and behavioral health including the barriers to care and the solution
•    Analyze the impact of COVID-19 and the tsunami of new virtual support companies and new evolving technologies to improve behavioral health access and support

  • Hans Wiik, MPH, RPh, President & CEO, Hans Wiik Health Group, LLC
  • Edward D. Shanshala II, MSHSA, MSEd, Chief Executive Officer, Ammonoosuc Community Health Services, Inc.
  • Vishal Bhalla, MBA, MS, CPXP, SPHR, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, Atrium Health Navicent Chief Experience Officer, Atrium Health, Atrium Health

Understand the Impact of Diseases of Despair: A Study by Penn State University & Highmark Health

Nov 17, 2020 11:15am ‐ Nov 17, 2020 12:00pm

Identification: TUES04

• Review comprehensive results from a NIH-funded retrospective cohort study assessing healthcare claims covering 12 million individuals from 2009-2018
•    Assess estimated annual rates and current trends for diseases of despair
•    Learn risk factors for current diagnoses and patterns of comorbidity with chronic health conditions to help guide successful prevention efforts

  • Lawrence I. Sinoway, MD, Distinguished Professor of Medicine Director, Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute; Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute
  • Emily Brignone, PhD, Senior Research Data Scientist, Highmark Health

The Escalation of the Opioid Epidemic & Other Addictions Due to COVID-19

Nov 17, 2020 12:30pm ‐ Nov 17, 2020 1:15pm

Identification: TUES05

  • Anthony Rizzuto, LMSW, CASAC, CAI-I, Director of Provider Relations, ARISE Certified Interventionist, Seafield Center

Case Studies: Improve Health Outcomes Through Sustainable Social Determinants of Health Initiatives

Nov 17, 2020 1:30pm ‐ Nov 17, 2020 2:30pm

Identification: TUES06

• Learn how health plans shifted existing social determinants of health initiatives to address the pandemic, what new programs have emerged and how initiatives will evolve in the future
•    Identify innovative approaches to improve health outcomes for members through community engagement and create a sustainable plan to meet the goals of your organization
•    Determine how to measure ROI on social determinants of health initiatives and assess risk scores

  • Mary McLaughlin-Davis, Senior Director of Care Management/Euclid/Avon Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic
  • Adam Kohlrus, MS, CPHQ, CPPS, Assistant Vice President of Quality, Safety and Health Policy, Illinois Health and Hospital Association
  • Jessica Kinowski, MPH, Clinical Program Senior Advisor, Cigna Medicare - Clinical Program Management Team

Panel Discussion: Capitalize on Telehealth for Optimal Health Care Delivery

Nov 17, 2020 2:45pm ‐ Nov 17, 2020 3:30pm

Identification: TUES07

• Discuss challenges and lessons learned from the rapid transition to deliver optimal care in a virtual environment during COVID-19
•    Examine current capacity to conduct health care through telehealth to high risk membership and discuss the future of telehealth
•    Create a post pandemic telehealth strategy and identify strategies to measure member engagement and address reimbursement challenges

  • David Houghton, M.D, System Chair, Telemedicine, Ochsner Health System
  • Martha Whitecotton, Senior Vice President, Behavioral Health Services, Atrium Health
  • Bahar Sedarati, M.D., Lead Medical Director, Clinical Performance & Operation, Pacific Desert Region, Humana
  • Jodi Ingram, MBA-HM, BSN, RN, Vice President, Quality & Population Health, Central Georgia Health Network

Panel Discussion: Leveraging AI for Precision Population Health: A Behavioral Health Use Case

Nov 17, 2020 3:45pm ‐ Nov 17, 2020 4:30pm

Identification: TUES08

  • Identify opportunities for artificial intelligence to address payers' unmet needs with a focus on care management
  • Learn about ways that artificial intelligence approaches can enhance risk stratification AND patient selection for population health interventions
  • Demonstrate machine learning and deep learning approaches to risk stratification and patient selection in the behavioral health setting
  • Share case studies and discuss how implementing these techniques and approaches can enhance the performance of existing and future population health interventions

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Panel Discussion: Utilize Data to Drive Population Health Strategies Amid COVID-19

Nov 17, 2020 4:45pm ‐ Nov 17, 2020 5:30pm

Identification: TUES09

• Discover how to use predictive analytics to effectively manage your patient population and create a customized approach to meet member needs
•    Identify the barriers and gaps in care during the pandemic to prepare an effective future emergency response strategy
•    Leverage historical data to understand how to effectively engage members in preventative care and chronic conditions

  • Gabriela Segovia, MHA, Director-Ambulatory Care Management, Epic Management, L.P.
  • Vikash Singh, Senior Director, Marketing Analytics, UPMC Health Plan
  • Dr. Donna Persaud, MD, MBA, Medical Director, Homeless Outreach Medical Services (HOMES), Parkland Health and Hospital System

Chairperson Closing Remarks iconChairperson Closing Remarks

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Chairperson Closing Remarks

Nov 17, 2020 5:30pm ‐ Nov 17, 2020 5:40pm

Identification: TUES10

Chairperson Closing Remarks

  • Ellen Fink-Samnick, MSW, ACSW, LCSW, CCM, CRP, DBH(s), Non-Executive Director, RISE SDoH Community