Sissy Easo-Joseph MS, PhD

Director, Scientific Communications, Migraine and Headache, Global Medical Affairs, Teva Pharmaceuticals

Sissy Easo-Joseph is a communications professional with 20 years of experience in the medical and scientific communications industry. Sissy is Director of Scientific Communications - Migraine and Headache, Global Medical Affairs, for Teva Pharmaceuticals, where she demonstrates collaborative leadership to foster awareness and accountability of good publication and scientific communications planning practices; develops very high quality, innovative and creative scientific communications, as well as, educational resources; ensures that all stakeholders have a comprehensive understanding of strategic planning and how it fits into overall communications plan. Her expertise affords opportunities to leverage the understanding of the therapeutic area and strategic communication principles, to create compelling communication plans. Moreover, her responsibilities includes advocacy development, financial and program management, operational experience in the execution of disease-state and product-related scientific communications, publications and educational initiatives, which support the strength of a communications, plan. She has an undergraduate degree in biology, a Master’s degree in Toxicology and a PhD in Health Administration.