Kevin Puckett

President, KP Underwriting, LLC

Kevin Puckett is President and Owner of KP Underwriting, LLC, an independent underwriting company that provides rated ages and decreased life expectancies for Structured Settlement Life companies and Medicare Set-Asides. He has over 20 years of medical underwriting experience with multiple life companies. Kevin has his BBA in Business Administration and Biology from Eastern Kentucky University, an Associates designation from the Academy of Life Underwriting and his FLMI (Fellow, Life Management Institute).

Kevin worked for several of the major Structured Settlement companies over his 14 years in the Structured Settlement industry. In 2004, Kevin ventured out and started KP Underwriting. With KP Underwriting, Kevin has performed underwriting services for multiple life companies and MSA companies, including, writing underwriting manuals, auditing underwriting departments as well as performing expert witness testimony on life expectancy in multiple states, including the Department of Justice.

Currently, Kevin and KP Underwriting, perform rated age services for a majority of the companies in the Medicare Set-Aside market.