Jim Jones

Founder/Principal, J Jones Consulting 

Former Medicaid Director, State of Wisconsin

Jim Jones has worked on Medicaid and other health and human service government programs over the course of his career. He worked for over three decades for the State of Wisconsin’s Medicaid program and nearly a decade working as a consultant. Jim has a passion and enthusiasm for Medicaid and has spent his career innovating and improving services for members served and increasing the effectiveness and efficiencies overall.

He was Wisconsin’s Medicaid Director for three years, during which time he served on board of the National Association of Medicaid Directors. While he held many positions (policy analyst, systems analyst, trainer, section manager, etc.) across Wisconsin’s Medicaid program, including four years as Wisconsin’s Deputy Medicaid Director, he was leading Medicaid’s eligibility and enrollment policy, process, and systems for more than 15 years.  Jim is currently the principal for J Jones Consulting, which is focused on providing Medicaid and other government programs consulting services.


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