Cristina Garcia

Director PSC Call Center, Motion Picture Industry Pension & Health PlansĀ 

Cristina Garcia is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in public and non-profit organizations. As the Director of the Participant Services Center at the Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Plans (MPI), she plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of the Call Center.
With over a decade of expertise in Medicare and Medicaid Cristina is dedicated to assisting participants with their MPI benefits. Her deep understanding of the healthcare system allows her to provide valuable guidance and support to individuals navigating their Medicare plans.
Cristina's academic journey began at Rutgers University, where she earned both a bachelor's and master's degree. Her strong educational background has laid a solid foundation for her work and contributed to her success in the field. Her commitment to continuous learning is evident through her attainment of a MAGIC Certification, which emphasizes hands-on, simulation-based, experiential learning. Cristina values empathy, respect, caring, and accountability as the core of her personal and professional approach, transforming interactions from transactional to relational.
Prior to joining MPI, Cristina focused on developing and implementing community education programs throughout Los Angeles County. Her passion for empowering individuals and fostering cross-cultural understanding led her to work closely with Spanish-speaking communities in Ecuador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador.
Cristina Garcia brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to her role at MPI, ensuring that participants receive exceptional support and service. Her diverse experiences and commitment to ongoing growth make her a valuable asset to any project or initiative she undertakes.


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